Most Visited Top 5 Luxury Hotels in London

London, the capital of England, may be a popular tourist destination, mainly thanks to the very fact that it ideally combines the old with the new, as modern architecture coexists with the monuments that are preserved since the days of the Roman Empire. This provides one delicious feeling of continually walking with one foot within the present, and therefore, the other within the romantic past. A number of the good wonders which will be seen in London are the large Ben tower, Westminster Abbey, Thames and therefore, the London Eye. London is additionally a really large city, and thus it’s important that once you visit it, you’re in equal distance from the varied attractions of London. Additionally, to its important location, it’s also important that your stay closely reflects the grandeur and romantic classicism of the town. Thus, we’ve compiled an inventory of the 5 best hotels in London. You’ll flick through this list and make a more informed decision about the hotel you would like to remain in to form your stay truly superb.

Rosewood London 

Rosewood is found within the deeply historic Holborn area. It’s within walking distance of major historical sites like British Museum and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The architecture and structure of the hotel itself are influenced by the Edward and Renaissance era which were inbuilt the 1910s. The doorway to the hotel is made within the sort of driveway, and therefore, the whole hotel, like its surroundings, is filled with the old world charm and wonder. If you’re the one who is inclined to romanticize the past and appreciates ornate architecture instead of minimalism, this is often definitely for you. additionally, to captivate the old world, and therefore, the hotel’s connectivity, it also offers excellent customer service, and one among the simplest breakfasts in town. Walking through the corridors of the hotel, you’ll also enjoy a set of works of art, each of which represent a selected moment in British history. For those that travel with their beloved pets, don’t worry, the Rosewood Hotel is additionally pet friendly, and offers welcome gifts as soon as you enter the premises. The rooms are well-equipped with Nespresso coffee machines, Wi-Fi and luxury toiletries. However, if there’s a claim to the present hotel, it’s that they are doing not offer personal butler services for every guest.

Hotel Shangri La in Chard London

The main attraction of this hotel is the incontrovertible fact that most of the rooms offer impressive panoramic views of the Thames. Since it’s located on the south coast, it’s quite far away from other famous attractions like Hyde Park and Portobello Market. However, rather than these attractions, you’ll access other popular sites like the London Bridge and therefore, the Tower of London. The hotel occupies 34 to 52 floors during a 95-story skyscraper, and thus its rooms with floor-to-ceiling glass walls offer views of the Thames, and every one of London seems to be below you. Large rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, underfloor heating, separate walk-in showers, and a tub during a marble bathroom. If you would like to spend each day indoors, you’ll also find a gym, various cafés, a spa or an infinity pool. For casual snacks like cakes and croissants, you’ll attend their LÁNG café. However, there also are many options for a few great dishes.


One of the hotels’s biggest attractions is the incontrovertible fact that such distinguished guests as Audrey Hepburn, Crosby and even members of the royalty like Victoria, herself took part in it. Thus, the hotel serves a distinctly elite. additionally, to a powerful customer list, the hotel also features a restaurant and Michelin-starred cuisine which will exceed all of your expectations. There’s also a spa, bar and concierge services 24, hours each day, 7, days every week, also as a several art galleries, restaurants, and shopping centers.



Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hyde Park London

This hotel was recently renovated in 2000, which is additionally good, because it has established itself as an elite choice and strength within the world of luxury hotels. The hotel as an entire embodies a really Victorian aesthetic, and features a Foliage restaurant awarded with a Michelin star. additionally, to the star rooms, and therefore, the restaurant, you’ll also use the pool, spa, terrace, gym or on-site parking. The hotel is found during a very accessible area overlooking Hyde Park and is therefore, ideal for those that want to remain in-tuned with Prime London.

Hotel Café Royal

Perhaps the most important advantage of this hotel is the incontrovertible fact that all guest have 24-hour access to non-public butlers. This might be one among many reasons why you’ll justify your incredibly high bets. The rooms are decorated in soft pastel colors, which immediately give the hotel a radiant and lively atmosphere, while the bathrooms are decorated with modern Thasos marble tiles. The situation of the hotel also plays a crucial role in its favor because it is found within the Mayfair district of London, near Hyde Park, and thus is sort of accessible to all or any the city’s attractions.

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